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I did this as a custom order. It’s a bit more modern than I would have usually styled a bike, but it turned out pretty good and was surprisingly light and agile. I started out with a new old stock Raleigh road frame – I’m guessing it’s from the ’80s. I got some new steel forks and a threaded headset, and teamed these up with riser bars, sports saddle and flip flop wheelset.

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I was chatting to a guy the other day who was curious about riding fixed gear and I’ve noticed in my conversations with road bike riders that fixed has a kind of reputation as the choice of hipsters or danger loving loonies. Why? Well that one’s pretty difficult to put into words, especially if you don’t want to sound like a wanker, because all those claims about fixed giving you a greater connection to the bike – a sense of oneness – are true. It’s like Zen cycling.

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The Viking is sleek and black and mean. If you want a nippy singlespeed or fixed commuter this is the ticket. Brand new steel track frame, forks and bars. New headset and bottom bracket. Flip flop hub on the rear wheel so you can go fixed but at the moment it’s set up as a singlespeed with front and back caliper brakes.

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On Sunday July 31st. At Mabley Green E9. Bikes, workshops, tandems, racing, the works. Even bamboo.

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This is Frank. He’s fat. Especially round the tyres. But, he’s actually a lot lighter than he looks and is an excellent cruiser for the summer. This is a full steel frame and forks, 26″ wheels with the biggest balloon tyres money can buy. I’ve topped it off with a new Brooks Flyer saddle, double sprung, and the whole thing is built with new components.

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