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My first (and so far only) ladies bicycle. This one came as a pair with the Star Rider and was in much the same condition so I’m guessing it to be around the same age – probably late ’70s or early ’80s. Again this required a pretty major overhaul and the addition of some new components, but it’s turned out to be a beauty like its brother.

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The frame, wheels, cranks and chainring are the original pieces. This is a BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) classic, a vintage throwback to the days of the English three speeds. It weighs a ton. Yet bikes like this were built to last. It’s almost the same age as me, and with proper care it will be around long after I’m gone.

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I started working on my latest project this week – the Viking. This is really to see how I get on building a bike from scratch, rather than a refurb. I picked up a brand new frame (a Viking fixed steel frame with track fork ends), which I think had been used as a display item.

I learned my first two lessons pretty quickly…

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