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Denn die todten reiten schnell – for the dead travel fast and so should you. Ride with the children of the night on this Gothic classic.

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This is my daily commuter. A simple, no-name steel frame turned into a no-nonsense fixie. Weinmann rims; Thickslick tyres; EigthInch bullhorn bars; Goldfinger brake lever; Brev M chainset and pedals; and Brooks swallow saddle.

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Sturdy, simple and stylish. The Gatsby has a touch of class and a retro twist with its drop bars and brown leather trim. Nothing but a simple steel frame in cool white, set off by retro track bars with brown Deda tape, which matches nicely with the Spa Cycles full leather saddle, leather toe straps and Duro Fixie Pops tyres in Downtown Billy Brown.

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Just look at it. Stealth black. So black it’s practically a ninja. The more understated version of its brother, the Gatsby, yet with all the same simplicity and style.

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A second custom order along similar lines to Black n’ Blue. This build is a more modern fixie / singlespeed with a basic track style frame. All steel frame and forks, with track fork ends on the back. Made with completely new components in the customer’s choice of white, black and yellow. Not much to say, it’s a very simple set up. Flat bars, comfy gel saddle, caged pedals with toe clips and a flip flop hub for fixed or freewheel.

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