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Track cogs for fixed gear bicycles can be a real pain to get on and off. Ask anyone who’s done it and they probably remember losing skin off their knuckles at some point.

Chain whips are largely useless in this situation. Maybe with a bit of extra leverage, like a bit of pipe to extend the handle they could be useful, but there’s actually a much simpler and more effective way of putting track sprockets on and getting them off – even the really stubborn ones.

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I was chatting to a guy the other day who was curious about riding fixed gear and I’ve noticed in my conversations with road bike riders that fixed has a kind of reputation as the choice of hipsters or danger loving loonies. Why? Well that one’s pretty difficult to put into words, especially if you don’t want to sound like a wanker, because all those claims about fixed giving you a greater connection to the bike – a sense of oneness – are true. It’s like Zen cycling.

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