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Customisation as standard

Built just for you

Stem and handlebars set up for the standard sporty ride

Each 8Ball bicycle is built specifically for its owner. While the foundation for each build is our stock frame, available in three sizes, what we do that off-the-peg bicycle retailers don’t, is work with you to get a suitable fit for comfort and riding style as well as make sure the gearing is suitable for your usage.


So before we begin a build we get in touch with you and ask whether you want a negative rise stem (as seen in the main picture), which gives a more aggressive, sporty ride; or a positive rise stem, which puts you in a more commanding, relaxed position. We’ll also make sure, based on the length of your back and arms, that you get a stem of appropriate length.


Another tweak we can make is to flip the moustache handlebars upside down, delivering a sit-up-and-beg style ride, rather than the aggressive sporty ride seen in the pictures.


The gearing on all models, from single speed upwards, can be tweaked to give you a more suitable ratio

Then on all of the models, from the single speed, through to the two speed, three speed and five speed, we can alter the size of the front chainring and the rear cog to change the gearing, giving you a ratio that is more suitable to the types of terrain you will be riding on. Riding on flats? We’ll set you up to coax maximum speed out of the machine. Mostly hills? We’ll give you a ratio that won’t bust your knees.


Each build is designed uniquely. Just for you.


But if you have something else in mind however, or an idea you want to take further, then get in touch as maybe a Bespoke Build is more for you.