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A lot of people considering buying an 8ball bicycle get in touch to see if they can make some customisations. They want the handlebars from one model and the saddle from another with different coloured tyres and the like. I’m more than happy to cater to these requests and thought maybe I’d let people have a bit more freedom with the designs.

Originally, I’d intended to stay away from the ‘build-your-own-bicycle’ model because there’s quite a few sites out there with a whole rainbow of coloured components responsible for some real horrors on the roads. But if people want to be able to customise, let’s see how it goes.

I spent a bit of time messing around with the commerce engine on the website and have put together a rudimentary ‘part-picker’ so you have control over all the cosmetic details of the bicycle from frame colour to crankest colour to tyre colour. Even down to seatpost and brakeset.

Now I can’t make all the components I use available through this system as it would mean the price would have to fluctuate too much, so I’m offering several same price component alternatives, which means I can sell you a custom build for £499. I’ll be doing a few extra add ons, starting with toe clips and straps for £15.

Choose your frame colour: Black, red or white.

Choose your wheelset: Sturmey Archer hubs with either black or silver rim. Or Acor hubs with Weinmann rims.

Handlebars: Bullhorns for a modern look; North Road for a relaxed ride; or classic sporty drops.

Tyres in cream, brown or black:Schwalbe Spicer or Delta Cruisers, all with puncture protection.

Classic Sturmey Archer single speed crankset in black or silver.

8ball Australian cowhide saddle. Sporty style in black and tan; touring style in honey and a classy ivory colour.

Matching bar tape or grips in tan, honey or black, or solid cork grips.

Kalloy microadjust seatpost in black or silver.

Acor caliper brakes in black or silver.

Velo Orange or Acor Temple bell in brass or silver.

Touring pedals with either black or silver cages.

Have fun customising! Check out the builder here






Written by james