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Fat Frank

This is Frank. He’s fat. Especially round the tyres. But, he’s actually a lot lighter than he looks and is an excellent cruiser for the summer.

This is a full steel frame and forks, 26″ wheels with the biggest balloon tyres money can buy, an Eastern European coaster (backpedal) brake and wide, American cruiser handlebars. I’ve topped it off with a new Brooks Flyer saddle, double sprung and the whole thing is built with new components.

It’s a pretty big frame, but the riding position of the bars, with them being so high, allows you to put the saddle low and make it pretty adaptable to most heights. However it would easily suit someone 6″ and taller.

The Brooks saddle is brand new which bumps the price up a lot, but for a cruiser like this I definitely think the double springs suit much better.

Frame: Steel

Size: 55cm seat tube middle to middle, 60cm top tube middle to middle. Fat tyres put the seat pretty high off the ground.

Wheels: 26″ x 3.5″, cream Schwalbe tyres

Gears: Singlespeed

Dropouts: Horizontal

Brakes: U-brake front, rear coaster (backpedal) brake

Extras: Brooks Flyer sprung saddle, cork grips, wide handlebars
























Written by james