February 3, 2014 Gear, News & Life No Comments

I’m always looking for ways to add value to the bicycles I sell. So a little feature that can help make my customers’ lives easier is perfect. I thought this portage strap would be a neat little feature just like that for all my bicycles, making it easier to lug the machine up several flights of stairs.

This strap attaches to the seat tube and down tube with buckles and gives you a lower centre of gravity to lift the bike from, as well as giving you better leverage to keep the greasy chain away from you.

It’s also made of real leather so it looks cool as well as being hard wearing.

This is my prototype so the commercial version will be a bit neater. I think I can also use thinner leather to make it a bit smarter too. Keep an eye out, as I soon intend to supply it as standard on all bikes.


Written by james