March 27, 2014 News & Life No Comments

Just an update on my offerings. I’m busy preparing for the Spin LDN show so I need to update the products on the website. But basically I’m now offering all models as either single speed, fixed gear or three speed.

Single speed prices stay as is. If you want to go fixed I’ll remove the rear brake and cabling and replace that with steel toe clips and leather straps for the same price.

I recently introduced my first 3 speed model based around a Sturmey Archer hub. This gives you direct drive, an easier gear for the hills and another gear that really gets speed up on the flat.

I can put this on any model for an additional £100. The build time is a little longer as the wheels are hand built to order.

I’ll update the site soon but in the meantime just email me if you’re interested.

Written by james