September 30, 2013 Gear, News & Life No Comments

With autumn nearly upon us we thought we better start preparing for inclement weather, which in the UK, means more rain. We tried to find a UK-based woodsman to build these mud guards for us, but alas none were to be found, so we actually import these from the USA where they are hand made by woodworker and cyclist Paul Sykes. They take a bit longer to get here but the wait is certainly worth it.

These mud guards, or fenders as they are known, fit onto the rear brake mounting bridge – with or without a brake installed – and just keep the spray off your back.

They’re 18″ long and 1.5″ wide and come in a wonderful variety of dark and light woods, from bamboo and white oak to mahogany, walnut, zebra wood and cherry. They have a super strong bracket and will fit alongside a brake.

Moreover, Sykes Wood Fenders are tough. Laminated with epoxy, they are coated with multiple layers of marine varnish. All the metal parts are either stainless steel or aluminium. They will last many years.




Written by james