February 16, 2014 News & Life No Comments

Just what you need for that awfully big adventure.

This is a sneak peek at my first cargo type bicycle. Well it’s a cargo bike in that it has a beautiful, chromed front rack from Velo Orange  for your books and stuff. But I also thought if you were lugging a heavy load up a hill you’d need some gearing, so this is the first model to feature the Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub gear system.

The beauty of the 3 speed hub is that the set up is similar to that of a single speed so it’s nice and simple and with the gears all hidden away in the hub, they’re more protected from the elements. I’m planning to offer the 3 speed as an option on all bicycles and at some point I’ll take a look at 5 speeds and more too.

What pleased me most about this build, when I took it off the workstand (carrying it by the leather portaging strap of course) was just how light it was. The 3 speed hub and front rack really don’t add much weight at all.

It’ll be on sale this week.


Written by james