How would you like a fleet of own branded bicycles for your business? Or maybe you’ve been thinking of setting up as a bike business like 8Ball Bicycles but aren’t sure where to start – well the Partner Program might just be for you.

Access to high production frame building facilities and existing supply lines for components and wheelbuilding mean we can provide everything you need to develop your own brand bicycles in large or small numbers. Maybe you have an existing shop and would like to add bicycles to your portfolio but don’t want to get into the technical details? We can advise on that while you concentrate on the fun stuff like colour schemes and styling.

Or maybe you run a delivery business or a delicatessen and would like a fleet of branded delivery bikes? Or even a boutique hotel and would like to offer bicycles to your guests? Again that’s exactly what the Partner Programme is for.

Even if what you’re setting up is a direct competitor to 8Ball, we’re still interested. As far as we’re concerned the UK is a growth market for bicycles and there’s room for plenty more businesses. Moreover, the way it works is the more stuff we buy the cheaper it gets for everyone.

If you want to kick some ideas around, give us a shout.