The wheels have started turning
September 8, 2013 Gear, News & Life No Comments

8ballbikes took it’s first delivery of frames in mid-August and the first few prototype bicycle builds were ready in early September. To start with we’re going to focus on single speed configurations but using wheels and hubs that give you the option of fixed gear if you so choose. We’ve got some ideas and further down the line we’re going to introduce some fixed specific models, bicycles with coaster brakes and some multi-speeds using hub gear components.

We also have our own range of components including beautiful leather saddles, bar tape and bags and everything we use to build our bicycles – from pedals to bells – will be available to purchase separately, so keep an eye out.

To get the company set up we only ordered enough frames to build our prototypes and a handful of each commercial model. After that we’ll be taking pre-orders for our next batch, which will mean a 6-7 week waiting period, but we assure you it will be worth it!

If you’re not keen on the idea of pre-ordering you can add yourself to our mailing list and we’ll let you know when stock is in.

As a way of saying thanks for supporting us in our early days, the first few batches of bikes, including pre-orders, will be offered at discounted rates. We’re looking for a larger warehouse now, so we’re capable of holding more stock, and as we change the configuration of bicycles, prices might go up. So here’s your opportunity to get in early and be part of something new: Powered by humans, driven by style!

Thanks for your interest

James @8ballbikes

Written by james