August 27, 2011 Bikes 1 Comment

The Baron

A mash up of my personal favourite – Fat Frank – and the most asked about model I’ve created – the Star Rider. This is the Baron, which I see as a kind of a gentleman’s off road bike. A comfortable path racer with vintage style.

The main tweak is the handlebar set up – on this one I’ve put a set of old school North Road bars, same as on the Star Rider. With its mountain bike geometry and massive tyres, this machine would be just as comfortable on a country lane as it would in the city. Huge ground clearance for the bottom bracket and a coaster brake on the rear wheel means this thing shouldn’t be slowed down by mud, snow or rain. An upright riding position matched with a Brooks double sprung touring saddle make it a comfortable steed to ride. Single speed and coaster brake mean maintenance is an absolute minimum.


Frame: Steel

Size: 55cm seat tube middle to middle, 60cm top tube middle to middle. Fat tyres put the seat pretty high off the ground.

Wheels: 26″ x 3.5″, cream Schwalbe tyres

Gears: Singlespeed

Dropouts: Horizontal

Brakes: U-brake front, rear coaster (backpedal) brake

Extras: Brooks Flyer sprung saddle, cork grips


Written by james