illuminatiAs the winter nights draw in a set of lights are essential and it doesn’t hurt to have some for late summer rides either. But dissatisfied with ugly lumps of plastic we searched for something a little different, something that would complement the kinds of bicycles we’re building.

So, we have two sets of lights on offer. For those who want to go all out, there are the Illuminati – unique and made in very small numbers.



Out in the wilds of Scotland there is a man in a shed who lathes beautiful lights out of blocks of aluminium. These are the perfect finishing touch for that special build.

At 16mm in diameter they are tiny and self contained. Each set comes with an array of brackets allowing installation to: brake calipers both nutted and recessed; a 1″ threaded or 1 1/8″ threadless stem; or with bungee cords for the handlebars.

Or for something you can just throw in your bag, we have the Copenhagen, imported from Denmark following their creator’s successful Kickstarter campaign. These lights combine LEDs and strong magnets to great effect.



Suitable for steel frames only, such as the ones sold by 8Ball, these lights activate as soon as you attach them to the frame. Fitted with super strong magnets you can pretty much attach them anywhere and be sure that they won’t get jolted off on your ride.

They look super stylish and are designed to project at just the right angle. The idea is that in order to turn them off you have to remove them, so you’re less likely to forget them and just stow them in your pocket or bag instead.

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