So what’s the story?

The mantra is Style & Substance

All 8Ball bicycles are completely hand made, from the off-the-peg models to the fully bespoke custom builds. 

Our bicycles don’t come ready built from a factory and we don’t have boxes of them sitting in a warehouse. Each complete bicycle is designed and assembled by hand in Britain. Just for you.

While this venture is about building bikes, cycling is about more than the bike, it’s about the people too. Whether they’re commuters, racers, fixie skidders or just parents looking to take their kids to school, we’re all part of a machine that can make a difference to our lives (and the planet) through our choice of transport.

We believe in good products at a fair price and I’m just trying to support myself by doing something I love. That’s a challenge but right now I’m just having fun. You should be too.

james @8ballbikes

Bikes and frames

8Ball designs it’s own frames in London and gets them hand built in China by a small team of specialist builders who produce frames for some very big names. We then get them shipped over, just like many of the big name brands do. The Chinese mainland and Taiwan have a really strong manufacturing ecosystem. It's come on leaps and bounds in recent years, so frankly, it just makes sense.

Our frames are made from steel (and a few from aluminium), the same stuff used in brand name bicycle manufacturing, only it often becomes more expensive once you stick a brand logo on it. Not all steel is made the same and to make our rides better we specifically use a steel alloy called chrome-moly 4130, which is the same stuff used in aircraft. It’s usually just shorted to CrMo, which amusingly looks almost like, Crom, the name given to the god of steel in Conan the Barbarian.

We use steel because it’s plentiful and therefore inexpensive but also because it’s durable, strong as hell and also flexible enough to soak up those potholes and other road wrinkles that make your teeth chatter.

There is some stuff you can do to steel to make it lighter, like ‘butting’, which means the tubing is thicker at the ends and thinner in the middle, so you can decrease weight without sacrificing strength and overall it’s just a great material to work with.

You may have heard the phrase “steel is real” and if you haven’t you are increasingly likely too as steel seems to be enjoying a bit of a resurgence right now. The gist of it is that steel just gives a nice ride.

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